LISTEN: RAPP Quelle “#LiveEveryDay”

Hey, RAPP Quelle, what have you been up to?

It’s been awhile since we checked in with Quelle. The lyrical monster releases a new track: a remix to Wiz Khalifa’s “The Race,” titled “#LiveEveryDay.”

A shift, we’re used to hearing Quelle destroy and disintegrate matter with his machine gun approach to his music. “#LiveEveryDay” is so relaxed and mellow. It’s a perfect late night track to listen to. Lyrically optimistic, it’s great to see Quelle still at it. Listen to the track below.

CS Rewind: Young Gunz “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

Back in 2003, Philadelphian rap duo Young Gunz created an unexpected hit in “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” That was the jumpstart the Roc-A-Fella records signees needed to release their debut album, Tough Luv.

Consider “Can’t Stop…” to be the duos peak as it was their most successful mark in the industry. The single’s beat was so minimal and was so odd compared to everything else that was on the radio. After a few spins the single became addictive. Step back and listen to this older tune.

Jay Complex Surfaces With “From Nirvana, With Love”

It’s been over two years since we spoke with Jay Complex; we lost touch along the way. Nonetheless, he continued to make his music and carried on greatly.

Last evening, Jay released a little something different titled “From Nirvana, With Love.” The 93P-produced track pushes a rock/urban vibe along with Jay’s familiar forward flow. Big Ron sounds chilling in his bits, almost like a haunting voiceover. It’s a decent track and it’s nice to hear Jay switch it up a bit. We look forward to more.